Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Sweden (Finland- Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania)

Letter Of No Objection

A letter of no objection is written consent by the father stating that he does not object to having identification documents and passports issued for his children. The letter of objection is also used to permit the wife or the person accompanying the children (in the event of travel) to exit Sudan. Please keep in mind that the letter of objection must first be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum before it can be presented to the immigration authorities upon exit from Sudan.


  • Filled out and signed the application form. Please make sure that the form is notarized by a notary public before submitting it to the embassy.
  • A copy of a Sudanese Identification document (Passport, National Number document, standard ID).
  • Copy from the processing fees equals to 605SEK


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