Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Sweden (Finland- Latvia-Estonia-Lithuania)

Our People

Our People

Sudan is both an African and Arab country, with Arabic being the most widely spoken language. Over 97% of the population are Sunni Muslims with a small Christian minority.

Sudan is growing at a quick rate of 2.42% per year. This rate adds over 1 million people to the population every year. Because the fertility rate is so high, a very large portion of the population is under 15 years old, putting additional strains on social services, especially education and health.

The country is dominated by Muslims, most of whom speak Arabic and are for the most part ethnically mixed. Despite a common language and religion, the people are highly differentiated in their mode of livelihood and comprise city dwellers, village farmers, and pastoral nomads. The tribal system has largely disintegrated in urban areas and settled villages, however, and retains its strength only among the nomads of the plains who raise cattle, sheep, and camels.

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